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The Blog of the South

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blogsouth is, simply put, the Blog of the South.

Southern charm has been on the outs recently and our identity--that intangible that makes Southerners southern--has slipped by the wayside. As a result, Southerners are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of being less superior than they are accustomed to feeling.

Events, entertainment and attractions, restaurants--if it’s distinctly southern, you can bet we care about it at blogsouth.

We’re not racists, in fact it is our belief that the South is one of the least racist places in the world. We love our heritage; yes, there are things from our past that haunt us, but we’ve risen above those things and put them behind us. Now we are integrated, thanks to the great work of Dr. King and many other anti-segregationists. The Civil Rights movement began in the South and met its fruition in the South, and many other places in the world are still trying to catch up to what we’ve achieved in under a century’s time. In case you didn’t know it, slavery is alive and well in many parts of the world to this day, and racism is still a bold, despicable force of the ignorant masses; ESPN recently reported on racist chants by the crowds at World Cup football events. It's been bad enough to force players off the field. There are players who even participate in it.

Are we rednecks? Well, not entirely and not nearly so much as we once were, but a redneck is not so bad a thing to be if you look at it from the proper perspective. A redneck might not be educated liberally, but in the event of a social collapse it’ll be the redneck who everyone else will go to for food and skills. Rednecks are called rednecks because they work in the sun all day. They love momma and they’re not afraid to fight if they must.
There are a lot worse things a person could be called than a redneck.